Friday, December 18, 2009

all i want to say is...

first of all..congratulation for your big day...special day which soo important and full of happiness..

i dont know wat i feel today..either happy or sad..of course im happy for u..i like it..u like it..and everybody like it..everybody is happy is happy for u!~..

all i want to say..
u always b my priority [i mean..after mommy n daddy] eventhough i always dont agree everything u said, i always say something dat might hurt u, i always make u feels uncomfortable, i always make u angry, i always annoy u, i always say i rather live with my bestfriend than u...but the truth is u always be my bestfriend..u'll b d first one to know [i mean...after mommy and daddy] if i hav bad news or good news..u r d one dat i want to be with..[i mean..after mommy and daddy] if i got prob o somethg else..i just dont show it..[ok im writing it..]..i hope u wont change it..dats me..i got multiple identity..[haha..konon sgt]..i dont like to say d truth, i just hope someone to understand..mayb its complicated but haishh...keeping my feeling is much more challenging..and i like challenge..ahaha..

wat ever..hanye merapu..