Wednesday, June 16, 2010

stressed out

how to get over stressed out..
here's the tips..[ stressed out and its not over yet..:p]

1.start talking..
for me, my friends are my support network,my parents too...but if i got prob with family i like to talk to my friends..haha~..i think they know me much better.Although it can be intimidating to talk about some issues, when i smother my problems inside, it automatically increase my stress level. When i get it out there, im lightening d load.

2.chill out
i can chill out...but just for a while 'coz it always haunting me..and plus, i got a 'supporter'..dats y i need to b alone!~..bring me positive aura please...negative not allowed..~
i can write a journal like this~,try to relax..[end up with sleeping..hahahaha]..but the point make time for myself so i can connect to what i feel..

3.laugh a lot..
Laughing is a positive way to combat the negative effects of stress..
[aku selongkar gobok cari komik lame2 terjumpa shin chan..ouuyeahh..and try]
laugh watever funny thing..even its not soo funny just laugh..hahahahahahahaha

i want to play badminton but i dont have a partner..i want to jog but same thing...i need a partner..
why all my friends got lot of work to do [practical la..part time la..-i almost get the part time job but i refuse it coz parents need me..]

5.Deal with it.
It's the hardest but most effective piece of advice, which means sometimes i just gotta do it. Pinpoint what's causing d stress, and confront it. If you're unhappy with your relationship, for example, be honest with your partner. Or if you feel your parents' expectations are too high, level with them. The worst thing that can happen is an awkward conversation or even a fight, which, strangely enough, will be better for you then ignoring your needs.

now i deal with it...
and i need a time to afraid a cant..