Tuesday, November 16, 2010

one day working at parkway!

i learn so many things...wrap the present,buat keychain,susun kotak,dapat kawan baru...gaji pn!sy tanak quit..but what can i do..when abah say means no!...actually abah not really say no,but then when i see his condition...(abah ada gout sakit kaki susah nak jalan) i just accept whatever decision he made for me..tak sampai hati nk argue..i know it is for my own own safety(sbb balik keje malam2)..thou i need the money so badly,bukan saje2 nak keje,it does not mean that i could not gain money kalo duk rumah je...there are soo many things to do..boleh buat business kan?so i think of something...ingat nak buat brooch,headband,hairclip...i means crafty stuff...i can do that..(even ta penah buat tapi dulu2 penah jahet insang pari..pandai jgak la)..modal pn xbrape besa..hurmm...i do not know why i just worry about money..i just can ask a money from my sis,my abah...but i do not want that...i want to use my own money..i want to be independent...i want to drive a car...i want to be reliable..i want to learn something,doing all adult stuff by my own..i want to help people especially helping mak and buang sampah,tlg bayar roadtax,bill2..i'm 21 almost 22 (thn depan bulan 4 la) but still tak kenal dunia..the risk..seme2 tu...i need to know all that...please...i'm begging you..i'm not a kid..i'm old enough and it's time for me to take care of you..T.T..i just love you more than anything else,even risking my life....