Thursday, May 21, 2009

aku rindu mereka

31st may 2009,all of us will go to Labuan to give a big surprise for Nasuha and Nasihin. Can't even wait to see them. They said Nasuha is bigger and taller than everyone else in his class but Nasihin is thinner than before. It been about one year i didn't see them. I'm so glad, having a chance to see them in Labuan but, do they remember me? i didn't talk to them since they've gone there. My friends call me as 'Makcik yang penyayang' because i always talk about how sweet Nasuha n NAsihin are and their pictures are all over my place i friendster profile,wallpaper for my phone,my lappy,ym..and i watch their video on my phone every night till i asleep. Maybe, i am 'Makcik yang penyanyang' but i don't even call them..i don't know why,but deep inside me, i totally miss them. So much!. i do want to talk to them, i do want them to sing a birthday song to me and i do want to hear they call me 'cik su' everyday! i know if i want all that happen i should call them and let them hear my voice so that it always remain in their heart. but ... i DON'T know why...i really sure they don't have any idea who i am when we meet soon in labuan..and kids..when they dOn't know who you are,they will..ignore you and worst,they scare..i'll try to be nice,very nice,just keep smiling..try to great,kind,fabulous,sweet 'cik su' to them and make them remember me for eternity!..'cik cu yang hebat!'....waaaaaaaaaa..please remember me!!!!..i'm your cikcu!!!!!!..isk3..nk tiop weh...